About Me

Oldest Son, Caleb

Oldest Son, Caleb

Wife and younger children
Wife and younger children

Happily Married with three brilliant kids.  I was born, raised and currently live in Duluth, GA.  My wife works in Real Estate and we attend Phoenix Community Church in Duluth.  A small start up church in Duluth.  When I am not working I enjoy hanging out with the family. I also work out, play ball and my newest hobby is keyboards and writing music.

 I have been working as a high end decorative Artist, painter, contracting and practicing through my Atlanta studio for the past 10years. 



KBWALLS is a full service High end decorative painting company, creating and painting exquisite and unique Trompe l’Oeil, Wall Murals and custom faux finishes for designers, decorators, architects, businesses, hotels, churches, public spaces and residential owners in GA,FL,NC,SC and TN.  KBWALLS has been providing Old World and Classic Fine Art Motifs, Elegant Period Style Trompe l’Oeil Murals, , Faux Finishes, Painted Faux Marble, Stone and Wood Graining and Replication of Historical Interiors. Whether it is Old European style art work, rare wood graining or marbling, classic wall faux finishes and textures or restoration of antique surfaces, KBWALLS is dedicated to this art form that is century’s old. Fusing art with architecture, color with texture and the practices of the old masters with the materials of the day.



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