Venetian Plaster Walls

Texture/Appearance Venetian Plaster normally refers to a smooth shiny polished surface, however depending on the manufacturer it could refer to a wide range of plaster products, not just from Italy. Many manufacturers use the term to add value to their cheaper products. Marmorino, while refers to a smooth, shiny polished plaster can further be categorised depending on it texture, grain size or shine. Some Marmorino or Polished plaster products may be made from Lime-based ingredients, others could be cement based or acrylic. Lime-based Polished Plasters Generally lime based polished plaster is supplied as a pre-mixed wet material and contains a minimum of 40% marble powders with no more than 2% binders. This is recognised within restoration projects as a suitable quality material. The end result should be smooth and cold to the touch without reliance on wax or machines to make it shiny. Waxing is an option but if this product is installed by a talented craftsperson there should be adequate shine in the polished plaster with waxing only being used for protection. venetian-plaster-walls

~ by bruce on April 21, 2011.

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