The seduction….low bidding.

When you bid out your new kitchen/walls to a carefully selected list of Faux Artists, it’s awfully tempting to simply go with the lowest bid. That can be a mistake. Low bids are “seductive,” and it’s a fallacy to assume that you should “put out the bid to three or four people and then go with the low bid” The problem with all bids is comparing them once they’re in. If you really trace down the nightmares, you’ll find that a large part of the problem is that people go for the low-bid price. I fix bad faux but it will cost more . Repair work is labor intensive. Extra time and materials and the fact faux repair is a very narrow market.

There are many “faux artists” willing to venetian plaster your walls or glaze your kitchen cabinets, few of them know how to repair the damage. When somebody bids something too low, they may have done it on purpose and plan to make it up later, or they may have done it accidentally or they just don’t k now the market. Either way, they’ll soon be in trouble because they’re losing money or cutting corners. You have to get apples-to-apples bids.


~ by bruce on February 18, 2010.

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