Multi-purpose paints to ward of bugs, mold and mildew

Duel or multi purpose coatings are widely available and most major companies make at least one type. Information about effectiveness, performance, availability and other features is readily available through manufacturer help lines and web sites. Following are some of the major suppliers and products.

ANIT GRAFFITI: Benjamin Moore, Exological Coatings,Genesis Coatings, Kion Specialty Products, SEI Checmical, Sherwin Williams.

ANTIMICROBIAL: Alistagen, Akzo Nobel Canada

ANTI MOLD/ANTI MILDEW: BEHR Paints, Benjamin Moore,Hirshfield, JOMAPS,SEI Chemical, Sherwin Williams, Valspar, Walla Walla Environmental, Zinsser

CHALKBOARD:Benjamin Moore, Rust-Oleum

DRY ERASE:Idea Paint, Rust Oleum

ENERGY EFFICIENT:BASF, Industrial Nanotech Inc,Insulating Coatings COrp., Shermin WIlliams,SOLEC Solar ENergy Corp., STS Coatings

FIRE (FLAME) RETARDANT: Benjamin Moore, Flame Stop inc, HY-Tech, Intumescent Technologies, Shermin WIlliams

HIGH-PERFORMANCE:Dupont Industrial Coating SOlutions, Shermin WIlliams, Tnemec Co

LIME BASED PAINTSFaux Effects, Old Fashioned Milk Paint Co, Olivetti Mineral Finishes, TexSton

MAGNETIC:Magically Magnetic Inc, Rust Oleum

PESTICIDE: Walla Walla Environmental

Find your niche

There is allot of competition and if you add these paints to your portfolio it will help separate yourself from many of your competitors.  Learning more about specialty coatings can give you the cutting edge you need to win the bid!


~ by bruce on August 30, 2009.

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