Kitchen and Bath

The kitchen & bath are the most essential rooms in your home. You want these spaces to be comfortable and welcoming while reflecting the needs of your lifestyle and personality.Without question, the kingpin of consumer home remodels is the kitchen.It consumes more attention, energy, finances and complex decision-making than any other project, short of building an entirely new house.  Not sure what kind of kitchen you can afford? So where do most homeowners spend their money? Here are some average’s provided by the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA). 

Cabinets 48%

Installation of new cabinets 16%

Counter-tops 13%

Appliances 8%

Flooring 4%

Sinks,faucets,etc  4%

Misc. 1%

Of course, different people have different ideas of what makes an ideal kitchen. So don’t feel you have to break down your budget to match the numbers above. Remember that  installation is highly dependent on job site conditions and if you are choosing to refinish  instead of replace that will save you aprox 16% on the budget. Need a quote on updating your kitchen?



~ by bruce on August 14, 2009.

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