Should your Replace or Refinish ?

I am working with a potential client that has had a bad experience with a faux painter.  I can only assume that when he orginally decided to refinish/glaze his cabinets he went with the cheapest price and did not know what questions to ask.  Now he has a mess on his hands.  Three years later , the paint is peeling, chipping and his cabinets need to be fixed.  He had a cabinet company come to his home to discuss replacing and he had a company come out to discuss refacing.  Both companies have assured him his cabinets were impossible to repaint and refinish. His best and only option was to have them replaced.  I have looked at the cabinets and I am confident they can be refinished and it would cost him aprox 5-7k vs 20-30k! Küche und Haushalt’s  has a good article on his BLog on Reface Vs Replace Kitchen Cabinets.  There are indeed times when they must be replaced or refaced. After you have made the decision to replace, reface or refinish you will need to decide on your kitchen counters and decide what type of counter will work in your space.


~ by bruce on July 25, 2009.

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